TuneTime App for Interval Workouts


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As I've mentioned here before, I am not one to spend hour upon hour in the gym. I love running outdoors, but put me in a gym (especially a tiny apartment gym) and my attention span quickly fades.  To remedy this, I am always on the lookout for ways to keep myself engaged during gym workouts.

Enter the TuneTime App. Have any of y’all heard of it? The TuneTime App lets you pick an interval or HIIT workout program and choose music from your iPod library to keep you going. The app alerts you of the time left in each interval and shows your overall progress. You can even get information on each exercise program directly from the app. Here's a quick overview I put together to get you started:

Tune Time App




Tune Time App


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Pretty useful, right? The TuneTime App works great for me because it can be customized to fit any interval workout (cardio, weight training, etc.) you may be in the mood for and  uses your own music to keep you motivated.

Let me know if you try it out! I hope you have a wonderful Thursday. Today is my Friday (our office is closed tomorrow in observance of Good Friday) and I am MORE than looking forward to the long weekend, time with family & friends and Easter celebrations.

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Have you heard of the TuneTime App? Any other great workout apps you use? I'd love to hear!