Pencil It In: PopUp Dinner Charleston

PopUp Dinner Charleston

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Okay friends, calendars ready? I have a fun event to share with you today!

I was recently asked to announce the PopUp Dinner Charleston and while I must admit the concept was foreign to me at first, once I learned more I was more than happy to help spread the word.

What’s a PopUp Dinner, you ask? Great question—let’s back up for a minute:

Hand Made Events, the San Francisco based host company, describes their PopUp Dinner events as combination of spontaneity, elegance and surprise. The evening revolves around a “flash” dinner picnic concept where the tables serve as canvases to be decorated accordingly. The unique concept allows you to get creative, let your imagination run wild and tailor your table, décor, meal and beverages to your heart’s content. The sky is the limit!

The venue is set up for guests to mingle among tables during dinner and dance as the night comes to an end. The only requirement is that you come dressed in white, representing the simplicity of the idea and the new opportunities and memories the evening creates. Yet another twist--the location of the party is kept secret until three hours before the event when it is revealed to the guests! The idea behind the event is simple, but the possibilities are endless.

Hand Made Events has hosted PopUp Dinners in San Fransisco, Los Angeles, Minneanapolis and Brooklyn and can’t wait to add Charleston to the list this fall. The event will be held on October 4, 2014. Check-in and table set up start at 5PM and dinner starts at 7PM.

Pre-sale tickets went on sale this week for $20. The next 500 tickets will cost $30 and then $40 until the event sells out. Bottom line? The early bird gets the worm! So, gather a group and get your tickets today by clicking here and choosing the “Charleston” tab. You can also check out the company on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to learn more & stay in the know.

Don’t miss out—thanks for reading!


Have you ever been to a PopUp Dinner before? If so, what was your experience? I’d love to hear!