National Nutrition Month® - Healthy Snack Options


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Although fitness, nutrition and general healthy living topics will continue to pop up here on dj&d, this week marks the last "official" National Nutrition Month® post. That is until next year, of course!

To top off the month, I decided to share a round-up of a few of my favorite healthy AND portable snacks. All of these options are nutritious, filling and easy to toss in your work bag or purse when you're on the go.

  • Apples: Apples are, in my opinion, the most filling 100-calorie snack there is. Apples are fat-free (making them perfect to pair with peanut butter ;) ) and although they do contain roughly 25 grams of carbohydrates, they also pack about 4 grams of fiber per serving. This takes care of 18% of your daily recommended amount! (source) And you know what they say about an apple a day...
  • Almonds:  Nuts are a great healthy and portable snack option, and almonds are my favorite. One serving of almonds (about 24 nuts) is only 170 calories and the little guys reduce the risk of heart attacks, lower "bad" cholesterol, are a source of healthy fats and even help provide good brain function. They pack a pretty good punch, no? My boyfriend recently got me hooked on Blue Diamond Sea Salt Almonds--so, so good! (source // source)
  • Homemade Granola:  While store-bought granola is often sugar-laden and filled with unnecessary ingredients, homemade granola is not only healthy & portable, but super easy (and cheap) to make on your own. I made homemade granola for this first time this past Christmas to share with friends & family and have been experimenting with different recipes ever since. I've found homemade granola to be hard to mess up and easy to tailor to your liking. This summer granola recipe from oh she glows is next on my "to-try" list!

There are so many delicious and healthy snack options out there--it was hard for me to narrow my list down to three! Now it's your turn--what are your favorite healthy snacks?? I'd love it if you shared in the comments and helped me add to my list! Also, make sure to take a look at the other National Nutrition Month® posts I featured here, here & here.

Enjoy your day, friends!