monday mantra {pt.8}


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Happy St. Patrick's Day!! I hope everyone is having a good Monday so far. Being out of the office for two days last week and out of town all weekend have left me scrambling today-- feeling frazzled and playing catch-up.

I'll keep this week's mantra short & sweet. I thought this quote by Emerson was particularly fitting for St. Patrick's Day as we celebrate the luck of the Irish. I believe that luck is the direct result of hard work and perseverance and that you get as much out of something as you are willing to put into it. Good things seem to come to those who point themselves in the direction of their dreams and chase the goals on that path whole-heartedly.

I hope you have a fun and safe St. Paddy's Day! Be sure to check out this post just in case you haven't gotten your desired dose of green :) Thank you so much for reading.


What are your plans for St. Patrick's Day this year? Do you believe in luck or no? I'd love to hear!