Maker of the Moment: Jordana Paige

 I'm excited to continue the Maker of the Moment series today and introduce you to Jordana, the multi-talented designer behind Jordana Paige handbags (you may remember me briefly mentioning these bags here). Her work and story are so inspiring--she's the perfect example of what can happen when you chase your dream with passion! Today she is sharing a little bit about how she got started, her creative process and a peek at what's inside her own handbag. Enjoy! jordanapaige1

I'm Jordana, handbag designer, soloprenuer, knitter, lover of polka-dots and bold colors.

I started my handbag business, Jordana Paige, back in 2002 as a freshman in college. I had no business experience, no design experience and no manufacturing experience. But I had an idea for a product I believed in--a classy looking handbag for knitters that was filled with pockets so they could take their project and tools with them on the go.

Originally I was going to make the bags myself, but soon learned it would be too much for me to do alone and they wouldn't have the professional look I wanted. I researched manufacturing, sketched my first design and took the plunge, placing an order for 300 bags. It was a scary step to take, but with a supportive family and passion for my design, I knew I could turn the idea into a profitable business.

Fast-forward 12 years to today and I'm designing handbags for all women who seek organization and highly functional handbags, not just knitters.

My creative process for designing my bags always begins with how the bag will be used. I visualize my customer's day and how she needs her handbag to function.

For example, my latest bag, Cora, is designed to take a woman through her entire day with ease. The shape is clean and sharp to give it a professional look for the office. There are pockets for a tablet, notepad, phone, key hook, pens, makeup and any other items she needs to take with her to work. The crossbody strap can be attached when she needs her hands free to carry shopping bags at the market. And when she wants to pop over to get a drink with the girls after work, the front pocket unzips to become a clutch.


I enjoy designing handbags that serve the women well and make them feel great when they carry them. I believe fashion can boost a woman's confidence and is a way for her to creatively express who she is. It can change our mood, give us credibility and even make us feel more empowered to pursue our goals. That's why every week on my email list I share fashion tips for everyday style, inspiration and encouragement to pursue one's dreams and lessons I've learned from running my own business.

Wondering what I carry inside my Cora? Here are my five must-haves:

jordanapaige3 1. A lovely notebook. 2. Lipstick, Untainted Spice 950. 3. Fabulous sunnies. 4. Lotion. 5. And sometimes, a pair of flats.

For other fashion tips, organized living ideas, inspiration and more, make sure you check out the Jordana Paige blog as well. When she reached out to me recently, I jumped at the chance to contribute and had a blast putting together a post sharing six easy tips for an organized vanity

Enjoy the rest of your day! Thanks for reading, as always. kaitlyn new sig

Are there any makers or creatives that you'd like to see highlighted in this series? I'd love to hear your ideas!