Made With Love | Hand Lettered Thank You Cards

Made-with-Love--Handlettered-Thank-You-Cards Hi--just dropping in today to share a free printable with you lovely people! I made these hand lettered notes to help those who, like myself, still need to get Christmas thank you cards in the mail. I am a firm believer in a good old-fashioned thank you card (early or late). My sister and I always had to write them growing up and although we fought it at the time, I'm so glad it became a habit that has stuck with me.

Just click here and here to download, print out on some sturdy paper, personalize and you are good to go! I mean, who doesn't love getting snail mail?

Hope you enjoy, and thank you for reading :)


*Thank you to all who entered the Sarah Riddle Designs Giveaway!! I've emailed the two lucky winners, so make sure to check your inbox so I can get the calendars on their way to you.

Do you send thank you cards often? What's the best one you've ever received? I'd love to hear!