Looking back // Looking forward | June in Review & a July Intention

June In Review June, you were a good one. From birthday celebrations, to Father's Day cookouts, to mountain top weddings and everything in between--great times were had. Summer "officially" made its debut and we are now more than half way through 2014. Crazy!

Back in May, I set an intention for the month to "Be Always Blooming".  My July intention revolves around a quote by Jim Elliot that I shared here earlier this week:  "Wherever you are, be all there." Short in length, but pretty deep in meaning.

I'm definitely guilty of wishing away time--living for the weekend, if you will. This month I want to make the effort to truly enjoy where I am in the present instead of thinking/wishing/dreaming about things to come in the future. Easily said, but for me it takes some focus.

Join me?



Are you guilty of wishing away time? What are your intentions or goals for July? Please share!