Five for Friday Finds // 7.4.14

Let Freedom Ring

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Happy Fourth!! Independence Day is high on the list of my favorite holidays. What a great country we live in though, right? I know you, like me, are probably headed out to enjoy the sun and celebrate, but here are a few links to wrap up the week:

  1. LOVE this post from The Simply Living Blog. Captures my July intention to a T.
  2. Protect yo’self. Check out the Glitter Guides’ list of the best (& most affordable) sunscreens.
  3. As if we needed another reason to love Jennifer Lawrence...
  4. My cousin and I are testing out our herb growing skills and mint is one of our guinea pigs. This fruit salad recipe sounds like the perfect test!
  5.  Last, but certainly not least, this red, white and blue inspired dessert recipe is certain to get you in the U.S.A. loving mood.

Have a great weekend, friends. Don't forget to take some time to thank those who have--and are currently--serving to make this freedom possible.