My First Half-Marathon Training Plan

My First Half Marathon | Training Plan

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One of the first posts I shared here was about my love/hate relationship with running. I do love running—the challenge, the adrenaline, the time to myself—but it’s not something that comes naturally or easily to me at all. It’s hard and I have to constantly push myself. But to me, the reward and results make all that worthwhile.

So with a couple 5Ks and a 10K under my belt, I’m planning to run my first half-marathon this fall. My cousin, a friend and I are running it together and I’m nervous, kind of scared, but mostly excited.

Being the Type-A planner that I am, the first thing I did was make a training schedule to give me a little structure and accountability. I wanted to create a schedule that was flexible and built mileage slowly, to avoid injury. After mixing and matching different online training plans I came up with a 14 week plan--here’s the gist:

  • Run 3x per week – 2 regular runs and a weekend long run
  • Cross train / Weight train 2-3x per week -- could be weights, cardio, yoga, barre etc.
  • Rest Day - at least 1 per week

Treating the schedule as more of an outline has worked best for me so far. I try to hit the mileage weekly, but I also leave tons of wiggle room. Adding a mile when I’m feeling it or cutting it short when I’m not. Rearranging days to make room for work, plans with friends, group runs, vacations, the weather, etc.

If you're interested, you can download the half-marathon training plan I made here or a blank version of the calendar here--that way you can customize it to your liking!

You know that whole, “be-always-blooming-try-something-new” thing I always throw your way? Well, here's me--taking my own advice.

Enjoy your Thursday! Thanks for reading.


Are you a runner? Have you ever run a half-marathon? Any tips or tricks you could share are more than welcome!