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Gallery Wall Art

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Starting a gallery wall is something that’s been on my to-do list I finally got one going in my room recently and although I only have a couple pieces so far, I love it & am itching to add to my collection.

Etsy and Minted have been my go-to's for this lately--both are chock-full of unique artwork and prints. And even better? A good majority of the prints are at an affordable price. Word of warning though--these sites are as, if not more, addicting than Pinterest so tread with caution! I could have easily spent hours browsing and was in constant awe of all the incredible talent out there.

While I'd take one of each if I could, for my bank account’s sake I put together this collage of my top 5 favorites at the moment.  I'm looking forward to watching my collection grow! Next victim:  our entryway hall…

Have a great Thursday! Thanks for reading :)


Have you ever had a gallery wall? Did you finish it all at once or grow it gradually? I’d love to hear!