color me {all things spring} & a Photoshop Tutorial

Color Me - All Things Spring - Bright & Alive

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Hey, hey! I hope everyone is having a great Thursday so far. Today's post is inspired by the warm, sunny weather we are (finally!) having down here. Pretty weather instantly boosts my mood! The picture above screams all things spring to me. Bright, bold, alive and full of  refreshing new growth.

I am lucky enough to use Adobe Photoshop CS5 through my job, but my knowledge of the software is limited at best and all self-taught. Because of that, any small, time-saving tip I stumble upon as I create blog post graphics becomes especially useful. Although it may seem basic to some, every little bit of new knowledge helps!

One of the simplest, yet most useful tools I use to create posts like these is the Eyedropper Tool. It is an immediate way to grab any color and use that hue in your own designs. It's incredibly easy to use--here's how:

  1. Open the image with the color that inspires you as a Photoshop document.Photoshop Tutorial - Eyedropper Tool - Step 1
  2. Select the Eyedropper Tool.Photoshop Tutorial - Eyedropper Tool - Step 2
  3. With the Eyedropper Tool selected, click on the color you desire and watch as it becomes the selected foreground color. Photoshop Tutorial - Eyedropper Tool - Step 3
  4. Double click the new foreground color and use the window that pops up to save the color to your swatches for future use or grab the RGB, CYMK and Hex values.Photoshop Tutorial - Eyedropper Tool - Step 4

That's it! See, I told you it is super simple. Now any color you can imagine is literally at your fingertips.

Have a great day--thanks for reading, as always!



Do you use Photoshop? What is your favorite "simple" Photoshop tip that makes your life easier? Please share!