Color Me | Mustard Yellow and Teal

Color Me | Mustard and Teal

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Hello! How is everyone's humpday so far? Hopefully better than mine for your sake--I've had a sore throat and cold all week and am feeling pretty sub-par. No fun. I'm more than ready to get back to 100%!

Bright color combinations might not cure a cold, but they sure can't hurt. I love the way mustard yellow and teal pair together. From lighter tints of the color, like mint, to the deeper shades of teal, it compliments the yellow and really makes it pop.

Have a great rest of your day! Thanks for stopping by.


PS--how creative and unique is the globe I used in this collage?? I stumbled on it on Pinterest and tracked it back to Wild & Free Designs. The designer, Laura Maxcy, hand-letters the globes with a variety of different quotes. Be sure to check out all of her work here.

What are your favorite color combinations? Please share!