How to Capture Great Blog Images| Guest Post

Hello from chilly Salt Lake City! Today I'm excited to introduce my friend and fellow Alt attendee, Gillian. We decided to guest post on each other's blogs to mix things up while we are away. I shared a packing essentials round-up on her blog yesterday and today she has some awesome photography tips to share with you. Hi everyone! I'm Gillian and I run the wedding blog Coastal Bride and am a photographer based in Charleston, SC. I am so excited to be guest posting on my friend Kaitlyn's blog while we are away in Salt Lake City at Alt Summit!

Today Kaitlyn has asked me to share a few tips on capturing great blog images! As a blogger it's important to invest in a good camera and know a few simple tricks to make your blog images stand out! I have outlined three of the most important rules for blog photography along with a few examples below.

1. Choose a clean background - If you are taking outfit photos make sure your subject (or you) are standing in an area with a clean background. What this means is you don't want a lot of background distractions. Avoid windows, cars and bright lights. These objects create clutter and take focus from the main subject.

2. Lighting - Avoid taking your photos in the middle of the day and instead try to shoot around sunrise or sunset when the light is softer. Harsh daylight makes features look sharp and unattractive. There is nothing worse than seeing a gorgeous image that was ruined by bright light.

3. Small Aperture - Depending on your camera you may be able to change the aperture settings. If you are shooting a DIY or want images with a soft, blurry background always choose a lower aperture. This gives you a shorter depth of field, keeping a smaller area in focus.










I hope these tips help and don't be afraid to email or tweet me if you have questions!

I hope y'all enjoyed these tips--isn't she talented?! I hope your week is going well and you have a wonderful rest of the day. Thanks so much for reading! kaitlyn new sig Are you a photographer or photography enthusiast? Any tips you have to share? I'd love to hear from you!