April | Be Always Blooming

Tulips - Be always blooming “April showers bring May flowers…” Who else always heard that growing up? I’m not one to tangle with Mother Nature, but after this year’s p e r p e t u a l winter, I'm all for bypassing the showers and moving straight to the flowers. Just sayin’.

I created the image above using a picture I recently took of a bunch of tulips I got from Trader Joe’s. On top of the great price, the thing I love about tulips and daffodils from Trader Joe’s is the way they're packaged. Instead of your typical bouquet, they come in a bundle of buds that haven’t had the chance to bloom yet. I always look forward to taking them home, setting them up in a pretty vase and waking up the next morning to see them starting to unfold. Sometimes they open overnight, other times it takes a little longer. But they always bloom.

A new month brings a chance for a fresh start and room for challenges and new growth. Let's start this April off with the intention to be always blooming. Remember that it is not the rate at which you grow and open up that determines your success. To develop, change and blossom--in and of itself--is the accomplishment.

I hope you all have a great day & avoid any April Fool’s Day tricks!


Do you look forward to the start of a new month? What’s the best April Fool’s joke you ever played on someone/was played on you? I’d love to hear!