35-Minute Early Bird Cardio + Weight Circuit

Many weeks I feel like no matter how hard I work, I don't actually get anything done. This week has been just the opposite so far. Luckily, I've been full of energy and productive before, during and after work. Usually I am lucky if I hit two out of those three ;) I don't know if the pretty weather is to blame, but I sure am not complaining. ANYway, I managed to wake up early enough to get a workout in this morning. Even with the extra energy, I'm not sure I'll every truly be a morning workout type of girl. I definitely feel more awake for the day once I finish, but tend to feel zombie-ish until about halfway through. To the morning workout people out there--any tips to make it more bearable??

Here's what I did today. Enough to get your blood pumping but not too much, too early. Let me know if you try it out & be sure to check out other workout ideas here & here!

35-Minute-Early-Bird-Cardio-+Weight-CircuitThat's all I've got for now. I hope you are all having a productive week as well! Thanks, as always, for reading. I truly appreciate it!



When do you prefer to workout? What's driving you to get things done this week? Do share!